Oracle Patchset

On September 23, 2011, Oracle released Of Patchset. However, only 32 and 64-bit 2 versions of Linux. Patch ID:10404530

Oracle Patchset1

Oracle Patchset2

Oracle Patchset3

for the different effects of these 7 files, the documentation was previously organized:

Description of the different file roles of Oracle 11gR2 Patchset

For new features for the new 11gR2, refer to the official website link:


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------- group needs to explain the relationship between Oracle table space and data files in the notes, otherwise the application will be rejected----

DBA1 GROUP: 62697716 (FULL); DBA2 GROUP: 62697977 (FULL) DBA3 GROUP: 62697850 (FULL)

DBA SUPERGROUP: 63306533 (FULL); DBA4 GROUP: 83829929 (FULL) DBA5 GROUP: 142216823 (FULL)

DBA6 GROUP: 158654907 (FULL) DBA7 GROUP: 69087192 (FULL) DBA8 GROUP: 172855474

DBA SUPERGROUP 2: 151508914 DBA9 GROUP: 102954821 CHAT GROUP: 40132017 (FULL)