Oracle Patch Set Update (PSU) – Patch No: p12419392

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Oracle Patch System and opatch tools are introduced

The latest version of Oracle 10g is 5 of them is the PSR version number and 4 is the PSU version number.

2 DOCUMENTS ON MOS: PatchSet - Availability and Known Issues [ID 1087991.1]

Bug 12419392 - Patch Set Update (PSU) [ID 12419392.8]

Oracle Version of PSU (Patch Set Update Patches) List:

12419392 Patch Set Update (PSU)

11724962 Patch Set Update (PSU)

10248542 Patch Set Update (PSU)

9952230 Patch Set Update (PSU)

Oracle PSU is not very large. The following image shows the size of each version of Patch:

Oracle Patch Set Update (PSU) – Patch No: p124193921

Note that there is no version of Windows for this Patch. Patches are small. Downloaded Linux 32 and 64 and AIX 64-bit three-bit versions of uploaded to CSDN, download address:

Some notes in Patch ReadMe:

Patch Set Update(PSU) patches are cumulative. That is, the content of all previous PSUs isincluded in the latest PSU patch.

The PSU is a cumulative line that contains the contents of the previous Patch. So just hit the patch and just play the latest one.

PSU all fixes previously included in PSU and those listedin Section7, "Bugs Fixed by This Patch" .

To install thePSU patch, the Oracle home must have the Databaseinstalled. Subsequent PSU patches can be installed on Oracle Database10. or any PSU with a lower 5th numeral version than the one being installed.

You must use theOPatch 10.2 version or later to apply this patch. Oracle recommendsthat you use the latest released OPatch 10.2, which is available for downloadfrom My Oracle Support patch 6880880 byselecting the release.

Playing this Patch must be based on the version of the database. And the version of OPatch must be more than 10.2.

For specific instructions on the PSU, refer to the readme file in Patch.



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DBA1 GROUP: 62697716 (FULL); DBA2 GROUP: 62697977 (FULL) DBA3 GROUP: 62697850 (FULL)

DBA SUPERGROUP: 63306533 (FULL); DBA4 GROUP: 83829929 (FULL) DBA5 GROUP: 142216823 (FULL)

DBA6 GROUP: 158654907 (FULL) DBA7 GROUP: 69087192 (FULL) DBA8 GROUP: 172855474

DBA SUPERGROUP 2: 151508914 DBA9 GROUP: 102954821 CHAT GROUP: 40132017 (FULL)

--Adding groups is required to explain the relationship between Oracle table space and data files in the notes, otherwise the request will be rejected